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This section provides information on the Ukrainian companies interested in exporting their goods and services into the italian market

Agrofirm Pole LLC  (production of cereals)

Architect Stone LLC (wholesale delivery of natural stone to the countries of CIS and Europe)

Artyomsol State Enterprise (extracting, processing and sales of salt)

ASKENN Scientific and Production Complex LLC (production of heat insulation for steam generators and pipelines for Atomic Power Stations)

AutoKrAZ PJSC (tracks, vehicles for special use: KrAZ 5401H2 H12KrAZ 5401H2KrAZ 7511C4KrAZ 7634HEKrAZ C18 1KrAZ C20 2RKrAZ H23 2MKrAZ H23 2RKrAZ K12 2KrAZ K16 2KrAZ M16 1XKrAZ M19 2R)

Bag Filter Factory Ltd (manufacture of removable filter elements and filter systems) 

Belotserkovsky zavod Tribo Ltd (manufacturer of a wide range of quality brake friction products)

BF Engineering LLC (manufacturer of steel structures and sandwich panels) (offerpresentationadditional informationlist of completed projects)

Bilotservkhliboprodukt (wheat flour, semolina and buckwheat, polished peas, dietary supplements from wheatgerm)

Biotech Group LLC (bioproducts and technologies for agriculture)

Borispolskii Kombinat Budivelnih Materialiv (wooden briquettes)

Can Pack Ukraine LLC (aluminum cans for beer, non-alcohol and energetic beverages)

Cherkasy Factory of Plate Materials LLC (furniture production and building materials)

Cherkasy Research and Production Center for Biologocal Plant Protection LLC (promotion and manufacture of environmentally safe plant protection methods against pests and diseases)

Cherkasyvtorresursy PJSC (purchase and processing of polymers)

Dnepr-2 Private Enterprise (export of agricultural products)

Dolivenko LLC (production different kinds of frozen ready-to-cook products)

Donbassnerudprom Research  and Production Enterprise LLC (mining company that produce and sell kaolin)

Donetsk ETC SOE (expert review of machinery, working parts and high-risk equipment, new technologies, exported to Ukraine, for compliance with labour protection and industrial safety requirements)

Elite Decor Industry (manufacturer of architectural mouldings made of polyurethane and coated polystyrene for interior and exterior)

Elopack Fastiv PJSC (of paper based packaging solutions for liquid food products)

Frau Marta PJSC (production of quick-frozen vegetables)

Freya-Agro LLC (producer and distributor of complex organic-mineral fertilizers)

Fruit and Vegetable Plant Kherson LLC (producer and exporter of pickled vegetables, assorted fruit and vegetable juices, tomato paste and carrot puree)

Gas Supply department of Group of Companies Sodruzhestvo LLC (sale, supply and transportation of natural gas, construction and operation of natural gas networks)

Group Veneto LLC (production of orthopedic mattresses)

Honey processing department of Group of Companies Sodruzhestvo LLC (storage, blending and export of honey)

Indar PJSC (unique enterprise with full technological cycle of genetically engineered insulin at the territory of Ukraine)

Kerammash JSC (heat treatment aggregates and furnaces gas- and electrically heated for steel and granular material, for ceramics production areas)

Khartsyzsk Cable Works ENERGO Ltd (cable-and-conductor products; steel fiber for the reinforcement of concrete constructions; steel, copper and aluminum wire)

Kruk LLC (provision of services in grain storage, the production of feed mixes and the soya derived products)

Kvant-Efir Research and Production Enterprise (professional radio and electronic equipment)

Lab&Pharma Engineering Company LLC (the design and construction, validation services in the field of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical industries)

Lekhim JSC (development, manufacturing and sale of highquality medicines)

MAG Foreign Trade Enterprise (recycling of used tires and production of rubber goods)

Manezh LLC (production of interior and exterior sun protection systems)

Mariupol State University (higher education)

Mashzavod LLC (modern equipment for processing, transporting, storing, and synthesizing oil, gas, and condensate, as well as for processing agricultural products, wine-making, and big-time chemistry: company profilecertificatecertificatelist of equipmentgeneral references)

Mekhanotron Privat Scientific and Production Enterprise (equipment for packing and loading of products)

Mobius Group LLC (recycling of solid wastes and the production of valuable output resources such as oil, carbon black powder, steel wire scrap, and gas: carbon absorbentcertificationabstracttestannex)

Monomakh PJSC (processing and packaging of tea and coffee)

Myronivskyi Grain Storage Plant (storage and purchase of grain cereals and oil crops, drying, cleaning, bringing to basic and class grain conditions, processing, storage and shipment)

New Light LLC (manufacturer of  LED technology products)

Orion Glass LLC (production of the tempered, bulletproof, laminated (multilayered) flat, bent glass and glass units)

OSV Technologiya Private Enterprise (polymeric materials processing: catalogue)

Pagoda Financial Construction Company LLC (investment, development and construction company)

Paint and Varnish Making Plant "AVRORA" LLC (manufacturing and supplying of paint and varnish products)

Production Association Avant-Group LLC (manufacturer and exporter of household energy-saving electrical heating panels «HYBRO»: commercial letterpresentationoperating instructionmanualcertificate

Rosava PJSC (tyres manufacturer)

Ruskopolianskyi Furniture Factory PJSC (production of wooden (oak and ash) chairs and tables)

Private Enterprise "Slavneftechem" (research & development and production of high-performance process fluids:  hydraulic fluids, coolants, rolling fluids, test-conservation fluids, cleaning fluids, fluids for suppression of dust in coal mines and quarries and also various other lubricants  and hydraulic products)

Scanroc LLC (manufacturer of energy-saving ventilated facade systems: catalogue 1catalogue 2, certificate 1, certificate 2)

Smila Machine Building Equipment Plant (equipment and machines for sugar, bakery, confectionary, alcohol, oil-and-fat and other processing industries)

Stal-M LLC (producer of metal burglar-resistant and fire proof doors, gates and trapdoors, safes)

Thermo Pack Packing Equipment Plant (design, manufacturing, delivering, installation and maintenance of a high tech filling, labelling and packing equipment as well as conveyor systems)

Translation Agency TRIS (translation from and to 44 languages)

TPK Nasha Marka (trade and mediation services)

Tsyurupinskoe PJSC (production of alcoholic beverages)

Ukrainian Rice Systems Trade House LLC (growing high-quality rice at our own fields in ecologically clean region of Ukraine)

UKR ECO GROUP LLC (organic juices and mineral waters/honey and bee products)

UKR-Granite LLC (supplier of products and raw materials of natural stone from Ukrainepricelist)

Ukrhydromech Nova Kakhovka Plant (manufacture and supply of hydromechanical equipment and metal constructions for hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants; as well as special lifting mechanisms for waterworks)

Ukroboronservice State Company (export and import of arms and military equipment, dual-use goods, and services for disposal, humanitarian demining, as well as repair and modernization of weapon systems)

UKRSPIRT State Enterprise (producer of rectified ethyl alcohol)

Vatfarm LLC (medical and personal care products of cotton and gauze)

Viki Ltd (dietary food supplement; Vitaron K)

Zaporozhye Regional Foreign Trade Agency (export and import of  metal, engineering, food and other production)

Zavod Kobzarenka Ltd (tractor trailers producer)

ZINTO LLC (ingredients for food industry)





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